Complete Your Donation In Simple 3 Steps

Vehicle donation is easier than you think. You can donate your vehicle easily only in three steps & it can be done within 24 hours.

Tell Us About Your Vehicle

You have to do one simple thing, and that is to fill the online donation form that we will provide. Like to contact directly with us? Just call (877) 272-2270 and one our assistant will guide you by assisting you.

Schedule Free Pickup

After completing the donation process, our local drivers will contact you within 24 hours. Schedule a free pickup time with our tower. You can fix anytime and Our driver can tow your car from any place.

We Tow Your Car

We have licensed towers to pickup your car after scheduled. Then your vehicle will be in the auction or the parts dealer or the charity use purpose based on the condition of the car.

Want To Donate Vehicle? Our Representative Are Here to Help You - Give Us A Call Now.

Your unwanted car can help others–and we make it easy. Car donations and all other vehicle donations are accepted nationwide and include free towing!

Why Should I Donate A Car Today

You are thinking about how to donate a car today? How to know about the best charity for car donation? Let’s have a chitchat about car donation.

Of course, you know about the great charity organization, UNICEF USA. They have an online car donation program, and this program is only to save Child’s life. This organization is working delicately to help millions of children. The car donation program is for using cars to travel along with the places where the children’s needs goods or medicine. So, I think donating your vehicle for such Nobel deed is just worth it.

donate a car today

Why You Should Donate Your Vehicle

  • By donating your vehicle, you will have benefits in a tax deduction.
  • With your vehicle, the organization can deliver vaccines, birthing kits, foods, school books at any time anywhere.
  • Make A Charitable Donation Today. Be a Fundraiser

Tax Benefits of Car Donation

We make it simple to get the maximum tax benefits when you donate your car.  For a car donation to be eligible for a tax benefit, it must be donated to a tax-exempt nonprofit organization that falls under IRS section 501(c)(3).  Donate A Car has already done this work for you. Each nonprofit in our large list of trusted charities meets this requirement. After your car is processed, you will receive a tax form in the mail providing the amount you are allowed to deduct on your taxes. 

Donate Car or Vehicle to Charity

Your donation may qualify for a tax deduction. We handle all the paperwork and we’ll send you a vehicle donation tax receipt. Give us a call now to get more information.

How Will You Know That Your Car is Perfect For Donation?

When you are thinking about selling your car- you have to post ads, bargain with the buyers, and arrange another party to take away your car in your expense. Some just avoid selling the car just not to bear all these hassles. Sometimes you can’t sell your car per your requirement just because the car is not in good condition. But we don’t care about the situation; we only care whether your car is running or not. If it is running, then we will take away the car without any hassle and free. We will take your piece of garbage and helping you in tax deduction benefit. You will not have to post ads or think about the selling price if you want to make a deal with us.

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