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5 Steps to Informed Giving

By working with different charitable organizations, a good feeling works every time, and many lives get help in different ways. As charities play an economic and social role, our community grows and makes life joyful. Some charities are struggling to rise and giving support. These charities need donor as support. There are kinds of donors who want to give away their old or unused things-for an example car donor looks for the charities like- “donate a car today” or “best charity for car donation.” The car you donate in the charity is for noble use. But unfortunately some charities have some wrong intention in their mind. Follow the simple steps given here to take a wise decision


What you have to look for:


  • First identify why you are giving away your stuff – Is it to support the cause you care, supporting the society, to qualify for the tax deduction, helping a colleague or friends charity purpose or combination of all the causes or reasons. Once you have a clear view of your donation purpose, then you can pick the best charity.
  • Then know your budget. You have to fix the amount you want to donate. Try to space out gifts; yours donate capacity will get boosted.
  • To check upon a charity is a wise thing. Every charity organization has their website. Check the information’s, social media, and communications. You can attend the missions or programs and finances. This information helps a lot in the future dealings.
  • Do not rush about donation. Sometimes we tend to make the gift in through online or phone. It is best to do the dealing face to face with proper paperwork and documents.
  • Do some basic research of the donation charity where you want to donate. At first check, the charity supports tax-exempt 501(c)(3) as all the charities under the charity navigator have to support this requirement. You can ask for the EIN to be sure.

Then you can check the finances if they can pursue the mission with freedom and flexibility.

And lastly, make sure the charity is transparent and accountable.

  • Discuss with the charity about the challenges, goals they want to accomplish. This discussion will make your plans easy to fulfill.
  • Don’t forget the money after donating. Keep a follow up till one year about your investment as what the charity has done. Just ask for the progress options about how they have progressed and how they are communicating.

Maximum charities operate their charities with ethics and honesty. Yes, there are some scammers, to avoid them you have to follow the above steps. As this website is all about car donation and you are thinking of donating a car today, the process of looking for the best charity for car donation is the same as the steps have stated above. There are substantial reputable car donation charities out there. Look for them and make proper use of your good old car.  

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