Car Donation Alabama

If you want to donate a car in the Yellowhammer state, this is the list for you. All the charities gathered here are recognized by the IRS as having 503(c)(3) status, so your donation to them is tax-deductible provided it meets other requirements. These charities have also all received 4 or 3-star ratings from the independent charity evaluator Charity Navigator. These charities are all either based in Alabama or they have chapters in Alabama. And they also all accept vehicles or in-kind donations.

The charities that take “in-kind” donations are still worth a call, even if they do not have a full-fledged car donation program. That’s because you will actually get a much larger tax deduction if you give your car to a charity that will either use it themselves, give it to a needy person who will use it, or if the charity makes substantial improvements to the car. Because most of the cars given to places that have car donation programs will just turn around and sell your car at auction, resulting in only a couple hundred dollars actually going to the charity, if you can take the extra time to find a charity that will use the car, then you’ll be able to deduct the full Kelly Bluebook value of your car, not just the couple of hundred dollars it will go for at auction.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham
4408 Lloyd Noland Parkway, Fairfield, Alabama 35064
+1 844-939-0838 for offices | +1 833-866-7869 to donate
This chapter of the national Habitat for Humanity can benefit when you donate your car or other vehicles to the “Cars for Homes” program. Habitat, if you don’t know them already, is internationally recognized for their work helping people build and repair their own homes. The people being helped work on their own houses, many of them learning valuable skills along the way.

Tuskegee University
1200 W. Montgomery Road, Tuskegee Inst, AL 36088
+1 844-331-0007
Does accept in-kind gifts of real estate and other property.

3-star charities:

House of Ruth
P.O. Box 968, Dothan, AL 36302
Office: 793-5214
A women’s shelter that provides a variety of services for victims of sexual assault or domestic violence. They are in need of a van.

United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham
120 Oslo Circle, Birmingham, AL 35211
+1 844-939-0838
Is looking for low mileage used vehicle in good condition.