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car donation Dallas

Car Donation Dallas

The Big D is a world-class town already, but your car donation can make it even better by helping the charities that call it home. All the charities listed on this page are based in Dallas.

They’re also all 501(c)(3) certified, so donations to them can be deducted on your federal tax return. Keep in mind that to really benefit from your donation (financially, at least) you’ll need to itemize deductions on your tax return. If you take the standard, line-item deduction, you may not be able to add on your car donation. But you’ll still be doing a lot of good, and you’ll have helped make Dallas even better.

All the charities listed here have also been reviewed by the website Charity Navigator, which evaluates charities based on a number of factors, including how well they do to keep fundraising costs and executive salaries low. All the charities on this page have received the top rating from Charity Navigator — 4 stars — so you can rest assured that your donation is going to a great organization.

Interfaith Housing Coalition
They do not have a car donation program, but because they do accept “in-kind” donations and real estate donations, its worth a try to call them and see if they would accept your car. If they use your car, you could get a much larger than usual tax deduction for your donation. Typically people can deduct no more than $500 for a car donation, but if your donated car is actually used then you can sometimes deduct up to the full Kelly Blue Book value of the car. Your vehicle would have to be in reasonable condition with some life still left in it, and, of course, the charity would have to actually use the car.

Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex
This is a terrific place to donate a car. Your vehicle will be accepted whether it is running or not, but if it is running, or if the mechanics that work on cars donated to the Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex can get it running again, you’ll be able to deduct much more than you would if your car was sold at auction, which is what most charities do. But what’s even better about giving your car to Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex is that it will probably go directly into the hands of a Dallas resident who dsperately needs it in order to get to work and take care of their family. This religious-focused charity is all about “taking church to the people”, too, so you can definitely count this toward your tithing quota.

Central Dallas Ministries now known as CitySquare
972-231-2220 ask for Dale Adams
This Christian organization works to build community “one person at a time”. They accept anything that has a motor, whether it is running or not. They offer the usual free towing and will handle the tax documents, but from the sound of their website they sell their donated vehicles at auction, so the most you can expect for a tax deduction is about $500 (there are some exceptions, but this is generally the figure you’ll be able to deduct). Still, they are rated four star by Charity Navigator, and they work exclusively in the Dallas area, to make Dallas a better place for all.

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