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Car Donations for Veterans’ Charities

If you want to support a veteran’s charity when you donate your car, here is a list of veterans’ charities that accept donated vehicles.

There are quite a few veteran’s charities that will take used cars and other vehicles. Many of the major car donation businesses, like 1-800-Charity-Cars, also support veteran’s programs. Some of the car donation businesses, also let you specify which charity your donation goes toward. So while this list shows the major veteran’s charitIes that accept cars, it is not exhaustive — there are other smaller, but excellent veteran’s charities that take cars, and you can also use many of the major car donation companies and still have your donation go toward helping America’s veterans.

I do encourage you to check out any charity you are considering donating to, though. Visit the Better Business Bureau, The American Institute of Philanthropy, and Charity Navigator to get a profile of who you are donating to. For example, the Disabled Veterans Associations just made Charity Navigator’s List of 10 Charities Overpaying their For-Profit Fundraisers – which means that charity spends more than 50% of its budget paying its fundraising personnel (this does not even count marketing cost for fundraising), not helping veterans.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This charity has now won 4 stars from Charity Navigator for the last 4 years in a row. They support the children of special operations personnel who have died in operational or training missions and give financial support to severely wounded spec ops personnel and their families.

Soldier’s Angels. This volunteer-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit provides “aid and comfort” to every branch of the military. The aid and comfort come in the form of letters and care packages and extra gear like laptops and cell phones and safety equipment that is beyond the standard issue. They also give financial support to military families in need.

Air Force Enlisted Village. A senior living or assisted care facility for the widows of Air Force personnel.

USO. The USO helps troops abroad with care packages, phone cards, extra gear, and entertainment, to name just a few of their projects.

Homes for Our Troops. Supports injured veterans of any branch in the military by building homes for them or renovating their homes to accommodate the physical limitations resulting from their injuries. This Charity Navigator 4 Star Charity takes land, materials, and equipment (including trucks and backhoes), in addition to credit cards, stocks and more. Their website does not specifically mention cars, but if they’ll take a backhoe, they’ll probably take your Impala.

Fisher House Foundation. This highly-rated charity helps military families be close to their loved one while they get treatment for injuries, illnesses or diseases. An impressive 96% of their revenue goes directly to helping military families.

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Supports the families and children of service personnel lost in the line of duty.

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