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Where to Donate a Car in Houston
The fourth-largest city in the United States has dozens of charities. Some of them accept cars and other vehicles as donations. The charities listed here are all Houston-based.

They are also all classified as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations under the US Federal tax code, so any donation to them is tax-deductible (provided it meets the requirements for a tax deduction, namely that you do not get any goods or services in return for your gift). These charities are also all listed on Charity Navigator, which is the premier charity reviewer in the United States. These charities have all been awarded four-star status from a charity navigator, so you can be sure you are donating to a first-rate organization.

Houston Audubon Society
Help the birds their habitat (and your fellow Houston residents, as they need both birds and habitat, too) by giving your car to this excellent organization. While the Houston Audobon Society will not use your car themselves, they will sell it through an auction. You will most likely be able to deduct only $500 for your vehicle donation to them, but in some instances, vehicle auctions result in a higher price. All the towing, title work and tax paperwork and receipts for your donation will be handled by Car Program LLC, which is the car donation company the Houston Audobon Society uses to outsource its donated vehicles. After you call the number above it will take about 3-4 days for your car to be picked up. If you want more information, ask to speak to Robin Leonard who is the Houston Audobon Society’s Community Relations Director.

Boys and Girls Country
(281) 351-4976
This very active organization does not have a set vehicle donation program, but they are worth a call to see if they might be able to use your car. It would have to be in good working order, with some life left in it. If they were able to use your car, you would get a much higher tax deduction than if your car was sold at auction, so it’s worth a phone call to Boys and Girls Country, or any other charity that has a lot of people and supplies to get around.

Houston Habitat for Humanity
1-877-277-HFHI (4344) or Cars for Homes
Habitat for Humanity is a national organization, and this is their Houston chapter. You can donate your car to Habitat for Humanity through the Cars for Homes program. It functions like any of the other car donation processors, but everything they do is for Habitat for Humanity. Do note that because your car will be sold at auction, the most you can expect to receive for a tax deduction is $500.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
1.866.915.GIVE (4483)
You will be donating your car to the nationwide Catholic Charities, but a portion of your donation will go to support the local Houston chapter. Catholic Charities will handle the entire process, from towing and title change and DMV documents to sending you the appropriate tax documentation. They can accept vehicles whether they are running or not.

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