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Car Donation Massachusetts

Where to Donate a Car in Massachusetts
These charities are all section 501(c)(3) certified, so they meet IRS requirements to qualify you for a deduction. They are also all listed with Charity Navigator and have all earned 3 star or 4-star reviews, so you can be assured that you are giving your car to an excellent charity that does great work and is well run.

Do keep in mind that to get a deduction for donating your car, you have to make itemized deductions. If you just take the standard, line-item deduction on your federal tax return, you won’t get any financial benefit to donating your car. But, as I’m sure you know, money is not everything.

Homes for Our Troops

This charity helps severely injured veterans and their families renovate homes so that they can continue to take care of themselves. Simple installations like grab bars and showers that are large enough to roll a wheelchair into can make a huge difference in the life of an injured vet. Home for Our Troops does not have a standing car donation program, but they do accept heavy equipment and building materials, so if you have an old truck, they would certainly be worth a call at 866-7-TROOPS. If they end up using your donated vehicle you will qualify for a much larger deduction than if you just donated your car to one of the big car donation companies — they will just sell your car at auction and donate pennies on the dollar of value to the charity.

National Education for Assistance Dog Services (NEADS)

This West Boylan charity trains service dogs for the deaf and disabled. They also take in a lot of dogs that would otherwise go to shelters (many problem dogs are smart and just need good training), so this is also a very positive shelter home, and people can also adopt a dog that couldn’t be trained for more intensive work. Call 1-8666-332-1778 to talk to a donation specialist at v-Dac, which is the car donation company that handles all vehicle donations for NEADS.

Pine Street Inn

This charity works to end homelessness in Boston. While they do not have a setup car donation program listed on their website, because they work directly with homeless people to get them set up in housing, some of those same recipients might be in need of a car. Call 617.892.9170 to see if your vehicle might be accepted.

Habitat for Humanity, Greater Boston Area

This internationally recognized charity accepts car and vehicle donations through their national “Cars for Homes” program. Call (877) 277-4344 to schedule a towing of your old car or to get more information about your donation and tax deduction.

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