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Where to Donate a Car in Minnesota
The charities listed below all accept cars and other vehicles for donations. They are also all 503(c)(3) certified, so donations to them qualify as a charitable donation on your US Federal Taxes. Finally, they are all 4-star rated by the website Charity Navigator, which means they have passed the most rigorous tests for both effectiveness and fiscal efficiency.

Wilderness Inquiry
Minneapolis, Minnesota | 612-676-9400

This adventure travel charity offers discounted trips across the world and the US, including trips for families and for women. They accept cars, trucks, boats, tents, snowmobiles, RV’s, trailers, canoes and kayaks through the car donation processing company Cars With Heart. Vehicles do not have to be running, but they do have to be intact (I am guessing this means if you totaled your car in an accident, they don’t really want it). Cars can be picked up with free towing usually within 24 hours.

Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota
St. Paul, Minnesota | 651-379-5800

Goodwill provides heavily discounted clothing and housing goods to the people who shop at their stores (most of us, at one point in life or another, have discovered an incredible find at a Goodwill store at a time when we needed, say, a $40 interview blouse for $4), but they also provide critically needed jobs for all the people who process their donations and work in the stores. The Minnesota chapter accepts cars and other vehicles through an inline donation form — do not just bring your car to a Goodwill store the same way you would bring a box of old clothes. They will pick up for your car for free from your house.

The University of St. Thomas
Saint Paul, Minnesota | 651-962-5000

This private Catholic college may or may not accept your car as a donation, but if they do, they will most likely actually use it, which means you’ll qualify for a higher tax deduction. Their website says they accept “real estate or other tangible property”. Contact Shannon Hendricks at the Development Office email at hend3932@stthomas.edu or by phone at (651) 962-6958 or (800) 328-6819 Ext. 2-6958.

Courage Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota | 763-520-0542

This 501c3 charity helps disabled individuals who have a spinal cord and brain injuries, or people who have had a stroke, have autism, chronic pain, an orthopedic condition or developmental disabilities. They have outpatient rehab facilities as well as physician services and teen rehab programs. They work with the car donation processor Cars for Courage out of Brooklyn, NY, but they can pick up any car or boat for donation in Minnesota, too. They handle all the tax documents and also offer free towing if you live within a certain area.

Great River Greening
Saint Paul, Minnesota | 651-665-9500

This charity got a 3-star rating from Charity Navigator (the others on this page are all 4-star), but it’s still an excellent charity, and you have a good shot at getting more than the usual $500 tax deduction when you donate a car, as Great River Greening will actually use your car, which, under certain circumstances means you can deduct the Blue Book value of your car (which is way more than you’ll be able to deduct if its sold at auction, which is where most donated cars go). Your donation will go toward restoring the Twin Cities’ native landscape through programs like “Healthy Waters St. Croix” and “The Million Acorn Campaign” which is trying to restores the oak savannas and forests in the Twin Cities area.

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