Car Donation Phoenix

Donate a Car in Phoenix

Give locally! Your vehicle donation to a Phoenix charity will help you and your neighbors. All of the charities listed below have attained a three or four-star rating from the nationally recognized website Charity They are also all 501(c)(3) charities, so your donation to them counts towards a tax deduction.

This rating from Charity navigator means that these organizations are extremely well run, and use the funds donated to them in an exceptionally efficient manner. You can rest assured that your donation is going to a place that will make maximum use of it.

Most of the charities listed here to have established car donation programs. Some of them do not, but I have included them because due to the nature of their work and who they help, they are still worth a phone call to see if they know someone who could use your car. It’s worth the extra work to try to find a charity that will actually use your car, or give it to a needy person because you can get a much higher tax deduction if an actual person uses your car. (Please note, you have to give the car to the 501(c)(3) charity to get a deduction. Simply giving your car to someone you deem as needy is nice, but the IRS won’t let you take a tax deduction on it).

In those car donations, the car is sold at auction, which is fine and still helpful to the charity, but you will only be able to deduct whatever your car sells for at auction, which is usually barely a fraction of the Kelley blue book value. But if you can find an actual person to give your car to the old use it, then you can deduct the whole Kelley blue book value. Because of this, if you got some spare time it’s worth making a few extra phone calls to try to place your car with a charity that will either give it to a real person or knows of a real person that could use it.

You’re going to have to be a little bit more careful with the tax documentation for these charities that don’t do as many car donations, so I highly suggest you call your CPA so that you know exactly what you are doing, so you can make sure that you and the charity get the best possible benefits from the transaction.

100 Club of Arizona

5033 N 19th. Ave. Suite 123, Phoenix, AZ 85015 | (833) 866-7869
4 star Charity Navigator rating
If you want to help local firefighters and other people who work behind the batch as public safety offers, this is the charity you want. The 100 club helps people who have been injured in the line of duty and also offer support services for anyone who helps keep Phoenix safe. While they do not have a car donation program set up, they too accept gifts in kind, so this is a good place to put in a phone call to see if someone might be able to use your car.

Jewish Voice Ministries International
4 star Charity Navigator rating
This charity is set up to accept cars, trucks, boats, stocks, real estate, art and just about anything else of value.

American Lung Association of the Southwest

102 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85003-1299 | (844) 331-0007
4 star Charity Navigator rating
This local chapter of the national American Lung Association accepts cars, trucks, boats, jet skis and all sorts of vehicles. You can set up your donation online or in person at their office.

Special Olympics Arizona

6900 E. 2nd Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 | (844) 939-0838
This charity has a three-star rating from Charity Navigator, but they still deserve your donation. They are set up to accept car donations. Call (844) 939-0838 to reach AITC Vehicle Donation, which is the company that handles their vehicle donation program.

Arizona Heart Foundation

1-877-HELP-805 (833) 866-7869
3 star Charity Navigator rating
They have a car donation program set up, and they accept cars whether they are running or not.

Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center
3 star Charity Navigator rating
Accepting cars and other vehicles. They also have a wish list of items they need immediately, and it includes air miles and silent auction items.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Phoenix
3 star Charity Navigator rating
Accepts cars, boats, motorcycles and even mobile homes (if they have an axle). All vehicles are sold through auction.