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Where to Donate a Car in Virginia
These charities are all based in Virginia or they support Virginia causes, so your car donation will be going to help your community. These charities are also all 503(c)(3) certified, so donations made to them are deductible on your federal taxes (of course, check with your tax preparer to be sure donating your car will reduce your tax bill). They are also all listed on Charity Navigator and have received the top, 4-star rating, so you can rest assured your donation is going to not just a good cause, but to a good organization.

Chatham Hall
Chatham, Virginia | 434 432-5600

This private girls’ school is looking for donations of “maintenance vehicles”, which means while they do not have a setup program for a steady stream of donated vehicles, they will be using the vehicle you donate to them. This means you can get a substantially higher tax deduction than if the vehicle was simply sold at auction, which is what happens to about 95% of donated cars. This well-regarded girl’s high school regularly sends its graduates to Ivy League Colleges.

Environmental Research and Education Foundation
Raleigh, North Carolina | 919.861.6876

Supports scholarship programs, grants, and research for environmental sciences and waste management. This charity will accept used cars, boats and some other unusual equipment like compactors, balers, lift systems, trash carts, and similar items. These are usually sold through the annual EREF Equipment Auction, so you will only be able to deduct the auction sale price of what you donated, not its estimated resale value, and definitely not its new value. They have an online donation form.

The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network
Fairfax, VA | 877-999-8322

This Virginia charity outsources its car donation management to VDac. While this means the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network won’t be using your car directly (so you will probably only get a $500 tax deduction) it does mean that your car donation is going to be handled by people who know the process backward and forwards and have a great reputation for managing it all properly. You can use the online car donation form on the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network’s website, or you can call the number listed here below their name. Their primary mission is to spread the word about food allergies, how dangerous they can be and how to best live with them.

Arlington Food Assistance Center
Arlington, VA | 703-845-8486

A bit of a reach here, but worth a phone call to check. This foodbank may not accept your vehicle, but they are worth a try, as they do have a form on their website for one-time special donations. These types of food distribution charities typically need a small fleet of vehicles to do their work, but usually, the fleet comes from their own volunteers. Your car might be the exception. If they take your car and use it, you may be able to deduct your car’s full blue book value. Call the number above to see if they have a need for a used car or truck. It will definitely have to be in working condition, and the fewer large repairs needed on it the better. You don’t want to give these nice people a vehicle that is going to turn into a money pit.

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