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Car Donations for the Blind

Many of us have specific causes that we care about, and if you or a loved one happens to be blind, or have any kind of serious visual impairment, you might want to give your car to a charity that is specifically set up to help the blind.

Donating a car to a charity that helps the blind is like donating a car to any other charity. The most important things to know are:

– Your donation will go a lot further for both you and the charity if you can find a charity that will actually use the car you donate or give it to a needy person. Most car donation charities do not do this – they take donated cars and turn around and have them sold at auction for whatever cash they can get. The charity gets the value of the car at auction, minus the auctioneer’s fees (which can be significant), and in most cases, you get no more than a $500 cash deduction.

– Car donation is frequently not “worth it” purely from an economic standpoint if your car is going to be sold at auction. The money the charity gets is ultimately less than it would be if you sold the car yourself and gave the proceeds of that sale to the charity. That said, selling a car can take up quite a bit of time and effort, so if you factor in that time and effort with a cash value, just being able to call a car donation company and have the car taken away, no questions asked, 24 hours later may still be an attractive option.

– To get a tax deduction for donating a car, under any circumstances, you have to itemize your deductions on your tax return. If you take the standard deduction, there is no allowance for your donated car.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are a few charities that take donated cars and work specifically for the welfare of the blind.

Heritage for the Blind

This charity has outsourced its car donation activity to 1800donatecars.

American Foundation for the Blind

Cars 4 Charity handles the car donations for this charity. They accept donations from across the country.

American Council of the Blind

This charity has also handed over its car donation activities. They work through DonateCarUSA.com.

Helen Keller Services for the Blind (http://www.helenkeller.org)

This Better Business Bureau accredited charity does not always accept donated cars, but they are a solid organization and would be worth serious consideration if you went the route of selling your car yourself and donating the proceeds of the sale to the charity.

National Federation of the Blind (http://www.nfb.org)

Another excellent, accredited charity.

Foundation Fighting Blindness (blindness.org)

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (http://www.jdrf.org)

One of the side effects of diabetes is blindness, and this charity has a proven record of supporting research to combat this terrible disease.

Society for the Blind (http://www.societyfortheblind.org)

California dwellers who want to help a charity in their state will be happy to find this major charity for the blind. They accept cars, trucks, boats, RV’s and more and work through the company Car Program LLC to make sure the donation process goes smoothly.

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