Car Donation Delaware

Donate a Car in Delaware

Delaware may be a tiny state, but it has some nice options if you want to give your car to a charity that works close to home. All the organizations listed here have 501(c)(3) status under the IRS tax code, and they have all been rated by the charity evaluator Charity Navigator, which assigns a star rating (one star is low, four stars is highest) based on how effectively and efficiently a charity manages its finances. Finally all these charities either take cars and other vehicles as donations, or they take “gifts in kind” which may also include vehicles.

In addition to the charities listed here, you can also give a car to any “religious organization” for a tax deduction, provided they are recognized by the IRS. The IRS website has a complete list of all the organizations that are recognized on their site. You can search by several different parameters, like name or state. Giving your vehicle to one of these smaller charities may be a better choice than giving it to one of the huge car donation processors. That’s because you’ll typically only get a tax deduction of a couple of hundred dollars from the big car processors, because they sell their donated cars at auction, and by the time everyone has taken their cut from the already low sales price, what’s leftover for the charity can be 60% or less of your car’s Kelly Blue Book value. But if you give your car to a charity that will use the car themselves, or give the car to a needy person, then you can typically get the full Kelly Blue Book value for the deduction. Check with your tax preparer to make sure you meet all the requirements of your specific situation.

Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County
1920 Hutton Street, Wilmington, DE 19802
+1 833-866-7869 For More information / Donate
Has a car donation program called “Cars for Homes” run by the national Habitat for Humanity. They take cars, trucks, boats, RVs and other vehicles. Habitat for Humanity is an internationally recognized charity that helps people build and repair their own homes. They offer excellent programs to this end, like the “alternative spring break” where college students travel abroad to help build and repair homes. You may remember past US President Jimmy Carter doing a lot of public relations work for Habitat.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Greater Delaware Valley Chapter
1 Reed Street, Suite 200, Philadelphia, Pa. 19147
+1 844-939-0838 For More information / Donate
Has a car donation program called Autos-4-MS which is run by the National MS Society.

United Way of Delaware
The Linden Building, Third Floor
625 North Orange Street, Wilmington, DE 19801
+1 844-331-0007 For More information / Donate
Accepts gifts in kind.