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How Do Car Donations Help Charities?

Car donation is an excellent sign. Though it doesn’t show a significant change, it makes a little help. There are two factors in this donation process- one is to get rid of the unwanted vehicle, and the other one is to get some advantage in a tax deduction. So, you can say the donation process is a win-win situation. So, donate a car today to the best charity for car donation.

How you can help by donating cars

Whether your vehicle is running or not, you can help those who need a vehicle like disable people or a non-profit organization who need a car to deliver foods or goods to needy peoples.

Many American veterans served our country, but now some of them are disabled. They do really need a car to travel in. Your car donation will help them to move with ease. Let’s talk about more benefits of car donation:

  • car donation funding makes a huge impact on disabled charity programs.
  • Lower-income families enjoy the great interest in the car donation process. As some family can’t bear the expenses of public transit. So, they have to depend on their feet or bike to go to work. Most of them work in an hourly wage. If they can’t go to work on foot or bike, then they have to starve that day. So, a car will help these family in their financial situation.
  • You can get rid of your unwanted vehicle and replace it with a new one.


We offer hassle-free pickup

When you are thinking about selling your car- you have to post ads, bargain with the buyers, and arrange another party to take away your car in your expense. Some just avoid selling the car just not to bear all these hassles. Sometimes you can’t sell your car per your requirement just because the car is not in good condition. But we don’t care about the situation; we only care whether your car is running or not. If it is running, then we will take away the car without any hassle and free. We will take your piece of garbage and helping you in tax deduction benefit. You will not have to post ads or think about the selling price if you want to make a deal with us.

How we work

If you are thinking to   donate a car to us then know about us:

  • We take any cars. We don’t need any certificate or title of the car.
  • You don’t have to pay any extra money while donating a car. All amount will be taken from the sale price.
  • We have the “quick pick up” service. We will make the schedule from the moment you will mail us your paperwork. It usually will take 45-60 days until the whole process is done. Our office keeps the tracking of the process until it is done.
  • From the website, you will get all the information. For contact, you can call our service center.
  • You will enjoy a tax benefit from our service. You can deduct the same amount from your tax per your selling price.
When you can donate your car
  • There are some auction program happens when users want to trade in their 5-year-old car. If you donate your car in a car charity, then you will get some value from the organization.
  • When your car needs a huge amount of repair, and it will cost more than it’s value, then donate the car. Because if you sell it, you will not get a good value.
  • If you don’t like selling, or dealing hassles then contact with us regarding donation.


Steps of donating:
  • Look for reputable car donation charities. Go to their website and click on the donation page.
  • Give all the information about the car like year, model, make, VIN, Title info, Location of the vehicle.
  • Start your donation by clicking on the donation button or call in the toll-free number.
  • After all the car donation process is done, the service center will contact you with a scheduled time to pick up the car.






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