Car Donation Iowa

Donate a Car in Iowa

Make your car donation local! These Iowa charities are all worth a call if you have a car or other vehicle to donate. They are all recognized by the IRS as having 501(c)(3) status, so your donation to them can be deducted on your federal income tax return (just remember, you’ll need to itemize your deductions, not take the standard deduction if you want to get the tax break).

These charities have also all been reviewed by the independent charity evaluator Charity Navigator. The top three got three star ratings, and the last one on this page got a two-star rating. The Charity Navigator rating scale works from one star (poor) to four stars (exemplary) and is based on an organization’s financial management.

3 Star Charities:


Camp Courageous of Iowa
PO Box 418 – 12007 190th Street, Monticello, IA 52310-0418
toll-free 1- 833-866-7869 to donate
This respite care and recreational camp for people of all ages that runs year-round. They are accredited through the American Camp Association, welcome anyone with a disability. While camp attendees do pay a fee, the charge is less than 10% of the actual operating costs to have them there, and as a result Camp Courageous is always on the lookout for generous people to help them carry on their mission. They have no religious affiliation. They have a car donation program run by V-Dac, which takes just about any vehicle whether it is running or not. Your donation will be sold at auction, but you will also be working with a company that knows their stuff – V-Dac runs car donation programs for hundreds of charities across the United States.

Cornell College
600 First Street SW, Mount Vernon, IA 52314
toll-free 1- 844-331-0007 to donate
This nationally recognized educational institution accepts gifts in kind, including “equipment and other physical assets”. Your vehicle would probably have to be in reasonably good running condition for it to be useful to them.

America’s Family Coaches
2540 106th Street, Suite 101, Des Moines, Iowa 50322
toll-free 1- 844-939-0838 to donate
This charity is also known as “The Great Marriage Experience”, which is a coaching program to help Christian husbands and wives build and enjoy strong, permanent marriages. They accept gifts of personal property.

2 Star Charities

Trees Forever
770 7th Avenue, Marion, IA 52302
toll-free 1- 844-331-0007 to donate
This environmental charity plants and care for trees and the environment as a way to help people and communities thrive. They accept in kind gifts.