Car Donation Nebraska

Donate a Car in Nebraska

This is a really good list to have if you live in Nebraska and want to donate a car or another kind of vehicle. All the charities listed here have been handpicked because they met all of a series of requirements. First of all, they are all recognized by the IRS as having 503(c)(3) status, so any donation to them qualifies for a deduction on your income taxes, so long as you and the donated item itself meet the IRS rules. Another thing that makes these charities special is that they have all been reviewed by the charity evaluator Charity Navigator and have earned at least three-star status. That means they have scored at least a three on a zero to a four-star ranking system that analyzes their financial efficiency and effectiveness.

Finally, these organizations also all either take vehicles or “in-kind donations”. In-kind donations can include cars, but you’ll have to call the charity to check if they need a car at that time. I’ve included charities that take in-kind donations because of an IRS rule for vehicle donations that can significantly affect how much of a tax break you’ll actually get. Most people don’t know it, but the vast majority of donated cars are sold at auction, usually for rock-bottom prices. The sale price of the vehicle is further eroded because the auctioneer will take a cut of the sale value, and the car donation processor that the charity has hired to run their vehicle donation program will also take a cut. By the time all the cuts are taken off an already reduced sales price, there’s not a lot left — usually 60 to 70% of the car’s actual Kelly Blue Book value. But that “whatever is leftover” value is what the charity will get, and its also the amount that you can deduct on your income taxes.

There is a way to get nearly the full Kelly Blue Book value for your tax deduction though. You just have to find a 503(c)(3) charity or a “religious organization” (that’s an IRS term, there) that will either use your car themselves, give the car to a needy person, or make significant improvements to the car before they sell it. So that’s why it’s worth calling around to see if you can find a charity that will actually use your car.


Siena/Francis House
1702 Nicholas St. Omaha, NE 68102
toll-free 1- 833-866-7869 to donate
Has a car donation program that actually gives the donated vehicles to needy people.


Make-A-Wish Foundation of Nebraska
11926 Arbor Street, Suite 102, Omaha, NE 68144
toll-free 1- 844-331-0007 to donate
Accepts gifts in kind.


People’s City Mission
110 Q Street Lincoln NE 68508
Toll-free 1- 844-939-0838 to donate
Has a car donation program.

3 star

Joslyn Art Museum
2200 Dodge Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68102-1292
toll-free 1- 833-866-7869 to donate
Accepts gifts in kind.

Crossroads Center Rescue Mission
702 W 14th St, Hastings, NE 68901
toll-free 1- 844-331-0007 to donate
Has a “Crossroads Cab” that was donated. They might want a second “cab”.