Car Donation Nevada

Donate a Car in Nevada

This is a list worth reviewing if you live in the Silver State. That’s because all the charities listed here are either based in Nevada or have active chapters in Nevada. They are also all recognized as having 503(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service, so provided that you and the item you donate meet the other IRS requirements, any donation to these organizations is deductible on your income tax return.

Finally, all the charities listed here have been reviewed by the internationally-recognized charity evaluator Charity Navigator, which rates charities’ financial responsibility with a star system that goes from zero stars (a very poor rating) to four stars (for an exemplary rating).

3-star charities:

Las Vegas Rescue Mission
480 West Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89106-3227
toll-free 1- 833-866-7869 to donate
This Christian shelter works with the homeless, hungry and addicted to introduce them to a Christ-centered life and get them back on their feet through practical means. They have been in operation since 1970 and have a vehicle donation program run through Cars4Charities.


Nevada Public Radio Corporation
1289 S. Torrey Pines Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89146
toll-free 1- 844-331-0007 to donate
Support your local radio station and help preserve the remnants of local journalism. Nevada Public Radio has a car donation program that takes cars, trucks, vans, RV’s, boats and motorcycles in running condition.


Goodwill of Southern Nevada, Inc.
1280 W. Cheyenne Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89030
toll-free 1- 844-939-0838 to donate
This nationally-recognized thrift store chain not only helps the “haves” by giving them a place to send their clutter and helps the “have-nots” by giving them access to quality used clothing and household goods but is also a reliable employer for anywhere from six to three dozen people who would otherwise not have jobs. Goodwill accepts cars, boats, motorcycles, and RVs. There is a free pick up.

2 star

Andre Agassi Foundation
3883 Howard Hughes Pkwy, 8th Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89169
toll-free 1- 833-866-7869 to donate
Accepts gifts of tangible personal property.


The Shade Tree
One West Owens Avenue, North Las Vegas, NV 89030
toll-free 1- 844-331-0007 to donate
This shelter gives care to women, children and even pets by offering them emergency shelter to avoid either homelessness or domestic violence. After they’re safe, then the process of getting them on their own feet begins, including education, employment, housing assistance and more. The Shade Tree has a car donation program but is also in need of a variety of in-kind goods and donations.