Donate a Car in New Hampshire

It’s always good to give, but giving locally is sometimes the best choice. This list of New Hampshire charities that accept cars has been hand-picked, and by giving your vehicle to one of these organizations you’ll not just be doing a good thing. You’ll be helping your community and your neighbors, even if they live a few counties over.

The charities of this list were chosen by a number of criteria. First, they are all 503(c)(3) certified by the Internal Revenue Service, so any charitable donation to them will earn a deduction on your income taxes. Second, these charities have all been reviewed by the charity evaluator Charity Navigator, and have demonstrated enough financial efficiency and effectiveness to have earned three or four-star ratings from Charity Navigator. To give you a context for what that means, less than 10% of the charities in the United States qualify for the four-star rating.

I have also included charities that do not have car donation programs, but that do accept “in-kind gifts” or gifts of personal property. That’s because you can get a substantially larger tax deduction if you find a charity that with either use your donated car, give it to a person in need, or make substantial improvements to the vehicle. Typically you can deduct nearly the full Kelly Blue Book value of the car on the day you donated it under these circumstances. Compare that to the 60 to 70% of Kelly Blue Book value you’ll get if you give your car to one of the big car donation houses, which will just turn around and sell the car at auction, giving the charity only a fraction of even that super-low sales price. So it pays to call around if you want the largest income tax deduction possible.


New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
37 Pleasant St. | Concord, NH 03301
toll-free 1- 833-866-7869 to donate
Accepts gifts of personal property.

New Hampshire Public Radio
2 Pillsbury Street, 6th Floor, Concord NH 03301
toll-free 1- 844-331-0007 to donate
Has a car donation program.

Kimball Union Academy
Meriden, NH 03770
toll-free 1- 844-939-0838 to donate
Accepts gifts of tangible property “(stocks, bonds, real estate,etc.)”

3-star charities


National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Greater New England Chapter
PO Box 845945
Boston, MA 02284-5945
toll-free 1- 833-866-7869 to donate
Has a car donation program.


American Lung Association of New England
East Hartford, CT
toll-free 1- 844-331-0007 to donate
Has a vehicle donation program.