Privacy does not gather personal information on this site, besides sometimes getting your email address so we can send you special reports.

This site does show a type of contextual advertising known as Google Adsense. Adsense is widely used — more than half of the websites across the world as using it right now. It is “contextual advertising” because the ads are shown in context — so you will see ads that are in context, or relevant, to the information on this site. In other words, because this site is about car donation, you will see ads about car donation, instead of, say, ads about how to raise canaries.

This contextual information does not just pull from what Google knows about this site (which is what this site is about). It also tracks where else you have been on the web, so if you were looking for information about, say, the new car you want to buy after you’ve gotten rid of your old one, you might well see ads on this site about buying a new car. This is the “spooky” part of contextual advertising. Please do be reassured that Google does NOT tie this web surfing history to your personal information. They do not record that Sally Smith has been looking at sites about liposuction, for example. They track that user #5677331296434 went to the subject category liposuction for 4 sites, then went to category car donation for 3 sites.

You can opt out of Adsense, but please do understand that in terms of privacy infringement, this is about as lightweight and non-invasive as the technology can go and still give you information that you might care about. You can learn more about Google Adsense’s privacy policies¬†here