Car Donation is easier than you think. Make a Dramatic & Immediate Impact!

Tax Benefits of Car Donation

All of our charity partners are 501 (c) (3) nonprofits. The IRS allows vehicle donors to receive a tax deduction on their vehicles. We handle all of the tax paperwork on behalf of our nonprofit partners. Our national network of auction and salvage houses ensures your receive the highest possible tax deduction, based on market conditions and the condition of your donated vehicle or car.

Car Donation Turns Your Burden In To Something Beautiful

Our clients range from FTSE 300 companies, to large charitable organisations and some small local businesses who are striving to expand. Most of our clients use our Data Analysis service to inform their strategic decision making and their targets for the immediate, mid-term and long-term future.

The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include customer inquiry data, sales figures, costs, market data and customer feedback.

How you can help by donating cars

Whether your vehicle is running or not, you can help those who need a vehicle like disable people or a non-profit organization who need a car to deliver foods or goods to needy peoples.

Many American veterans served our country, but now some of them are disabled. They do really need a car to travel in. Your car donation will help them to move with ease. Let’s talk about more benefits of car donation:

  • car donation funding makes a huge impact on disabled charity programs.

  • Lower-income families enjoy the great interest in the car donation process. As some family can’t bear the expenses of public transit. So, they have to depend on their feet or bike to go to work. Most of them work in an hourly wage.  If they can’t go to work on foot or bike, then they have to starve that day. So, a car will help these family in their financial situation.
  • You can get rid of your unwanted vehicle and replace it with a new one.

Donate Today

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How we work

If you are thinking to   donate a car to us then know about us:

We take any cars. We don’t need any certificate or title of the car.

From the website, you will get all the information. For contact, you can call our service center.

You will enjoy a tax benefit from our service. You can deduct the same amount from your tax per your selling price.

You don’t have to pay any extra money while donating a car. All amount will be taken from the sale price.

We have the “quick pick up” service. We will make the schedule from the moment you will mail us your paperwork. It usually will take 45-60 days until the whole process is done. Our office keeps the tracking of the process until it is done.

Why With Us ?

Your car will usually be picked up within 24-48 hours of your initial contact with us.
We take care of all the details so you don’t have to. All you need to do is schedule a pickup and sign the title. We handle all the paperwork.
We work hard to get you the biggest tax deduction by leveraging our network of auto auctions and car buyers to get the best price for your car.
Tax savings and a free vacation.

We don't use a middleman

By keeping our process in house, we cut out the extra costs incurred by other charities who rely on third-party fundraisers. With a mindful eye on keeping expenses down, we ensure a higher percentage of your donation goes to help the kids.

Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at (480) 505-5050